Saray-Garden of Eden, photo 0
Saray-Garden of Eden, photo 1
Saray-Garden of Eden, photo 2
Saray-Garden of Eden, photo 3
Saray-Garden of Eden

Design: 2011
Area: 40,5m2
Author: Nestor Kharchenko

The project for the competition "Barn 11" combines the archetypal symbols of Russian villages and Russian culture.
Garden, Garden of Eden, the first garden prototype - is both a garden as an element of Russian culture, literature, and as a symbol of the manor, the scene and the background of many literary works. This is the Cherry garden, as a symbol of a past, a leaving epoch, and at the same time, is a symbol of small garden in the countryside.
Apples and apples-trees are the most widespread fruit, an essential attribute of suburban garden and country life, and at the same time, biblical fruit of knowledge - a symbol of the fall and expulsion from paradise.
And Barn as the simplest object of architecture that can accommodate any function, omnipresent object.
It may become a temple, if believers come there. Barn without a roof - familiar phenomenon, as the natural end of life of the barn. This is both a temple without a roof, open to sky (and to the world).
My barn is a symbol of a lost paradise, its inaccessibility and the memory about it. Apples ripen and fall. Some of them fall outside the barn. Like rare gifts and talents that can be granted to some humans.

Location: On a small hill far away from growing trees. Or the constuction also can be built around existing solitary standing trees (apple-trees, ideally).

Materials: mirror stainless steel sheets, fixed on metal or wooden frame.